NYC Maternity Photo Shoot | Karen + Jeremy


The first weekend in May was made all the more glorious with the lovely Karen and Jeremy. I love traveling, and could not have asked for a better arrangement than to be in NYC on a fine weather weekend! You remember the weekend. It was be-eautiful; everyone was out trying to absorb all the sunshine and rainbows.

Karen is an amazing mother-to-be that blows me away with her tireless work ethic, and easy-going nature when she barely has time for herself! Um, amazing woman envy? The most striking short-stats one should note about the classically gorgeous, expecting mother are as follows!

-Amazing eyes (don’t get me started on her husband, Jeremy’s eyeballs.)
-Chief Resident (yes friends, she’s a young doctor with power and sharp smarts!)
-Sweet and kind-hearted
-…and she let me steal a few hugs from her!

Karen happens to be the kind of doctor that takes care of other expecting mothers. I am so delighted to have the opportunity to share a view into a little day with these two, soon-to-be parents! Enjoy!

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